We understand that for some parents and children, bath time can be a challenge, but fear not – we’ve got you covered. By adding a splash of creativity and a sprinkle of imagination, we’ll show you how to turn this daily routine into a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone! Here are some great ideas to make bath time less stressful and more fun:

1. Add bubbles

Bubbles are a really fun and sensory addition to bathtime and can act as a good distraction for children who don’t enjoy having baths. From bubble beards to fun hairstyles, let their imagination distract them. You could also let them choose different scents or bubble bath colours to help them feel more in control of bathtime.

2. Use bath toys

Bath toys can provide endless entertainment for children during bath time. Try using boats, rubber ducks, or water toys to encourage imaginative play in the tub.

Top tip: If you buy bath toys with holes in, use a hot glue gun to seal them up before use – this will prevent them from going mouldy.

3. Play music

Transform bath time into a more relaxing and enjoyable experience by adding music to the mix. Choose some of your child’s favourite songs and sing along together.

4. Create a sensory experience

Experiment with vibrant, coloured bath bombs to create a playful and colourful bath for your little ones to enjoy. You could also add scented oils to the water to create a more sensory experience.

5. Make bath time a learning opportunity.

Transform the tub into a fun classroom and explore colours, shapes, and numbers by finding ones that stick to your bathroom tiles.

We hope you find these ideas to make bath time less stressful and more fun helpful and that bathtime is more enjoyable for you and your little ones.

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