Our Early Learning Centre has six rooms

Early Learning Center

Nursery 0-15m

Nurture me, make me feel safe and support my developing brain.

“The quality of a child’s earliest environments and the availability of appropriate experiences at the right stages of development are crucial to brain development and the foundation for learning in later life” (Australian Early Development Census).

Our nursery team provide each baby with a nurturing, loving environment where they feel safe and secure. It’s truly a home away from home experience for children and families.

Early Learning Center

Bambino’s 15m – 2.5yrs

Challenge, inspire & support me.

We love all children for their individuality. Our Bambino’s room supports the children to develop their growing brains, delights their senses and supports their inquisitive nature.

Our early childhood educators take great delight in supporting each child to discover what makes them truly happy.

Early Learning Center

Toddlers 18m-2.5yrs

Let me move, explore & discover the big wide world.

Children aged two years to three years are intrigued and eager to learn. They like to move, to touch, feel and explore their surroundings.

Our Toddler room environment is developed to support the exploratory needs of each child, in a safe and secure way.

Juniors 30m – 4yrs

I’m on the move. I need to look, feel, see, learn and discover.

Our Juniors room is a lot of fun. Our team ensure the individual learning and development needs of each child is nurtured and supported so they can learn, grow and play.

Children are able to explore and learn in an environment that encourages a love of learning through our curriculum.

Kindergarten One & Two 3yrs–6yrs

Challenge, delight & excite me.

Our Kindergarten program has a focus on connecting with community, building resilience and self-confidence, developing problem solving skills & learning how to build friendships.

Kindergarten is such an exciting time for children — and so it should be. We support the kindergarten children to learn, discover and explore, as well as preparing them for a loving and exciting transition to school.

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