Easter is right around the corner, and with it comes the excitement of egg hunts! At Moranbah Early Learning Centre, we’re all about creating fun and memorable experiences for our little learners. So, this year, let’s ditch the ordinary and get creative with some egg-cellent Easter egg hunt ideas!

Themed Hunts:

  • Get ready for an egg-cellent Easter with three themed hunts! Dive into an underwater wonderland with sandpits, buckets, and colorful fish-scale eggs. Swing through a lush jungle with leafy hideouts and vibrant animal-patterned eggs. Or blast off to space with hidden eggs in cardboard rockets and glow-in-the-dark constellations, all painted with planets and aliens. 

Sensory Hunts:

  • Engage your little explorers with sensory Easter egg hunts! Blindfold them for a textured hunt in fluffy blankets, bumpy pebbles, and crinkly paper bags. Let them follow the chirping of hidden bells and squeaky toys in the Sound Seekers game. Or indulge their noses with a fragrant adventure, sniffing out eggs infused with spring scents like lavender or lemon.

Teamwork Challenges:

  • Turn your Easter egg hunt into a thrilling competition and brain teaser! Your little ones can collect the most hidden eggs in the Relay Race, while with a Puzzle Eggs challenge children can work together to find the missing pieces to giant cardboard eggs. For a sensory twist, blindfold children in the Guess the Mystery Egg game, letting them use their touch, smell, and hearing to discover what’s hiding inside! 

Happy Easter from the Moranbah Early Learning Centre Team! If you’re looking for more fun Easter activity ideas check out this blog.