By Emma Thomas


Easter is fast approaching and you might be looking for some easy Easter ideas for your family. Easter is a great time to spend together and make memories. Here are some ideas for activities you can do:


Make an Easter Card

Encourage your child to make Easter cards for friends and family. Even children who are often uninterested in writing or drawing will enjoy card making. Giving the activity a real world purpose inspires them. You can extend on this activity by visiting the post office together to send them! For most children sending letters in the post is a novel and exciting activity. 


Church and Community Activities

Find out what is going on in your area! My local Bunnings is holding an Easter brunch the weekend before Easter. There will be activities, food, local community groups and the Easter Bunny is visiting! 

Our church holds services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday and we always finish with a special morning tea. 


Easter Baking

I love this quick and easy ‘fridge slice’. It’s simple enough for little ones to help and you can adapt it depending on what treats you have available. Baking is a great opportunity to practice early literacy and numeracy skills like reading the recipe and measuring the ingredients. 


Learn about the Easter Bilby! 

Everyone knows about the Easter Bunny – so why not take the opportunity to learn about our native Australian animals? The bilby is adorable and will capture everyone’s hearts.


Easter Basket 

Make an Easter basket out of an egg carton! This is a great craft for younger children as there isn’t any fiddly construction. Simply use the base of an egg carton, attach some ribbons for handles and then decorate! 


Easter Tree 

Take your inspiration from this amazing Easter Tree which has 10 000 eggs hung on it! You can hang eggs on a tree in your garden or bring some branches inside.


Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter egg hunt is a firm favourite, but it can be tricky when you’ve got children of different ages. Try assigning a colour egg to each child and that is what they have to hunt for. As an alternative you can hide plastic eggs or pictures of eggs and do a continuous hunt over the weekend, whenever you find an egg you have to hide it again!


I hope that this Easter will be a special time for you and your family and you enjoy these easy Easter ideas.