By Emma Thomas

As adults we spend a lot of our lives at work – so you want to make sure you choose a workplace that works for you. Everyone has different priorities and things they are looking for so there will be a centre out there that is perfect for you!

Think about what you want

It’s important to take some time and think about what really matters to you in your professional life. 

Maybe you are looking for a small work family where you can connect with each staff member on a personal level. Or maybe you are looking for a large organisation where you will have lots of different people to connect with. 

Is it important to you to work close to home or are you happy to drive? Do you want to work in the city, the suburbs, at the beach or in the bush?

Some people prefer to work at a centre which is well established. There are clear expectations and procedures to follow. Others enjoy starting at a younger centre where they can help to shape the ways in which things are done. Think about your personality and what suits you. 

Be clear

Ask for what you want up front. Do you need flexibility with hours, specific holidays or are you asking for above award wages?

And what are you offering? What’s the point of difference you will bring to the team? Are you passionate about sustainability? Do you play a musical instrument? Will you bring in baked goods for morning tea?

Find a place that feels like home

When you walk into a service you will get an instant sense of the place. Trust your gut. The way in which a centre is set up is usually a reflection of how they run. You want to find somewhere with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You’ll be able to see if the educators care for the children, families and environment and this will give you a good indication of if they will care for you!

Shared Philosophy

No matter how beautiful a centre is – if you don’t share their philosophy it’s never going to work! Make sure you understand what your personal philosophy around early childhood education and care is. Are there particular theorists or models of education that you are inspired by? 

Think about your career

Where do you see yourself in the future? Is there room to grow at this centre and do they support further education?

Be part of the solution 

Once you’ve started at a service you get to help create the culture there! You can bring in practices that you have seen at other centres or try new things. You can be warm, friendly and supportive of those around you. 

So what do we offer?

At Moranbah Early Learning Centre we pride ourselves on our positive team culture. We work collaboratively  each day to deliver the best outcomes for the children in our care. We would love to get to know you!

The benefits of working with us include:

  • Above award wages
  • Relocation assistance*
  • Staff discount
  • Supportive leaderships team
  • Mentoring and support from Astute Early Years Specialists
  • Fully paid 2-day induction
  • Visa Sponsorship opportunities*

You can find out more about joining our team by clicking here.