Making musical instruments at home with children is a fun and creative activity that is not only entertaining, but also encourages children’s creativity and imagination which we love! Click here if you’re wanting to learn more about the benefits of musical instruments, DIY or not, for children of all ages. 

Here are some fun DIY musical instruments you can make with household items:

Paper Plate Tambourines

Take two paper plates and tape or glue them together with dried beans or rice inside. Then, decorate the outside of the plates with paint, stickers or pens.

Rubber Band Guitars

Use a cardboard box and attach several rubber bands to the top and let your child strum them like a rockstar!


Fill plastic containers with dried beans or rice and decorate them with stickers. Your little one can shake them to create a rhythmic sound.

Rain Sticks

Use a cardboard tube or paper towel roll and fill it with rice or dried beans. Cover one end of the tube with paper and decorate the outside. Turn the rain stick upside down and listen to the sound of the rice or beans falling through the tube.


Use a toilet paper roll and cover one end with tissue paper. Then, secure it with a rubber band and show your child how to hum into the other end to create a buzzing sound.

Bottle Xylophone

Use different-sized glass bottles filled with varying amounts of water, then use a spoon or stick to tap the bottles to create different sounds.

Drum Set

If you’re brave enough! Use a cardboard box (an old tissue box is perfect for this) and cover the top with a piece of cloth or paper, let your child use wooden spoons or sticks to tap on the top to create a drumming sound.

We hope you and your little ones have fun making musical instruments together! 


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