Looking for creative art activities for children under 5? Children under five years of age develop through creative activities such as art, dance and music. Art in particular is a great way for young children to express their creativity, develop their fine motor skills and experience the world around them in a new and exciting way!

Here are 9 art ideas that are perfect for children under 5: 

  • Finger painting 

A childhood classic – finger painting is a fun and messy activity that can be done with just a few simple supplies. Use washable paint and slightly sturdier paper/card to create colourful and imaginative works of art. Simply search  ‘finger paint for babies’ for safe and edible finger paint recipes you can create at home. 

  • Sticker art 

Stickers can provide hours of entertainment for young children. Use stickers to create pictures and designs on paper, or even on a blank canvas. 

  • Handprint art 

Create keepsakes by making handprint and footprint art. Paint your child’s hand or foot and press it onto paper, creating a unique and personalized work of art. Even better, you can save some of this artwork for Grandparent gifts!

  • Collage art

Collage is a great way for children to explore textures and patterns. Provide your child with a variety of materials, such as paper, fabric, and cardboard, and let them create their own collage. An added bonus? You are also teaching your child about recycling as you can reuse those empty boxes and packets in your art.

  • Playdough art 

Playdough, whether homemade or bought,  is a classic art material that provides endless possibilities for creativity. Provide your child with a few different colours of playdough and let them create sculptures, shapes, and all sorts things. Here is a link to lots of playdough activities.

  • Process art

As the name suggests, process art is all about the process, not the end result. A big benefit of process art is that it’s developmentally appropriate for toddlers, kindergarten-age children, and young children because it meets them where they are as sensory explorers. Simply offer your child ANY supplies and materials, such as paint, yarn, cardboard rolls or bubble wrap, and let them explore and experiment with colour and texture.

  • Scratch art

Scratch art is a fun and interactive activity that allows children to create designs by scratching off a top layer to reveal a colorful layer underneath. Here are some scratch art supplies.

  • Stamp art

Stamp art is a fun and easy way for children to create patterns and designs. Provide your child with a variety of stamps and ink, and let them get creative. You don’t even have to use stamps – look around your home and garden for other items that could be used such as cardboard rolls, seashells or make your own simple stamps out of the humble potato.

  • Nature art

Use natural materials, such as leaves, sticks, and rocks, to create works of art. This is a great way for children to explore the world around them and create something unique. Gathering the supplies themselves can be a fun activity!



Hopefully this list of creative activities for children under 5 inspires you and your little one, without the pressure to produce that perfect work of art. From finger painting to stamp art, creative art projects and activities such as these provide a fun and educational experience for children and allow them to express their creativity and imagination. 

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