We’re thrilled to welcome your little one to Moranbah Early Learning! We understand that starting childcare can be both exciting and a little nerve-wracking, so we’ve put together this handy checklist to ensure a smooth transition and a fun-filled first day.

What to Pack:

Bag: Choose a backpack or bag that your child can easily manage with our help. Label it with their name to avoid mix-ups.

Change of clothes: Pack at least two changes of clothes suitable for the current season. Accidents happen, and we want your child to be comfortable and ready for anything.

Sun hat: Protect your child from the sun with a labelled hat that fits well.

Water bottle: Keep your child hydrated with a labelled water bottle they can easily access.

Labelled milk bottle and formula (if applicable): If your child still uses bottles, be sure to label them clearly with their name and formula instructions.

Nappies (if applicable): If your child is in nappies, pack enough for the day and label them with their name.

Sheets for rest: For cosy nap times, bring along a set of labelled cot sheets.

Download our First Day Checklist and make sure you don’t forget anything on your first day!

Additional Tips:

Label everything! This helps prevent mix-ups and makes it easier for us to return lost items.

Pack a comfort item: A familiar blanket or toy can provide your child with a sense of security in a new environment.

Dress your child in comfortable clothes: They’ll be playing and exploring all day, so choose clothes that are easy to move in.

Most importantly, relax! Our dedicated team at Moranbah Early Learning is here to support your child and make their first day a positive experience.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help make your child’s transition to Moranbah Early Learning as smooth as possible.

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