By Kylie Dawson


Mother’s Day is coming, and at times it can feel like another day that is there to increase retail sales, especially for florists! But the way we talk about and approach days like these makes all the difference.  We can help establish Mother’s Day as a day where we celebrate those we love. People who provide care, love, support and kindness to us, and others. 

Below are some ideas that you could try or could act as inspiration for your own approach or new traditions. 

Interview Your Child

You could ask your child/ren to describe what they think it means to be a “mother” and why those things are important (videoing this could also be part of the gift, because children are so wonderfully honest and often very funny!).  Then we can ask them to think of 2-3 people in their life that fit that description.  Discuss ways we can show these people that we are thankful for them, what they do for us, and how they make us feel.  Maybe your child/ren want to paint a picture, do a video message, make a card, do a dance for them, or let them hold their guinea pig.  Whatever they decide we can encourage and support them to share their thoughts and feelings with the other person, for example “Would you like to hold my guinea pig? You are really kind and always give me yummy biscuits for morning tea, and I think you would really enjoy holding my guinea pig” 

Think about what they like

You can support your child/ren to think about what their mother/special person in their life really loves.  Maybe they love gardening, birds, soccer, tai chi, coffee, or going for a run.  Think about ways in which we can offer them an experience that can incorporate the things they love. This shows them that we see them and want to support them to engage in their passions.  Maybe you could plant some seedlings, build a birdhouse or have a soccer game on Mother’s Day afternoon. You could do a tai chi class with them, buy them a coffee, or go exploring to find them a new and interesting running route that you can draw them a map for. 

Do you know what the person’s favourite foods and music are? Support your child/ren to plan a wonderful menu and playlist for the day! Create your own restaurant and music venue by setting up the space and all playing the part of waiters and DJs!  

Ask and Listen!

Maybe you can support your child/ren to ask their mother/special person in their life what they would like as a gift, or what they want to do on their special day.  Role model actively listening. Explain that you are asking because the person is really special, you appreciate them and all they do, and you want to offer them a day that they will really love.  

Really, in the end, the golden rule is to approach the day with a thoughtful and grateful mindset for what the person you are celebrating brings to your life. The only thing I suggest not to do, is to buy or plan something “just because” or “to tick it off the list”.  Don’t just get a pair of slippers from the grocery store, or the last bunch of flowers at the petrol station.  As I wrote above, if you don’t know what they would like (because gift buying or event planning is not everyone’s strength) then honestly and openly ask them what they would like, with the intention of truly creating a celebration of that person.  And then, have fun and share the love!