Are you looking at transitioning back to work after maternity leave? For new mothers, returning to work after maternity leave can be a really difficult transition.Some common challenges may include adjusting to a new routine, dealing with separation anxiety from the baby, coping with sleep deprivation and finding a suitable childcare arrangement. 

While the decision to return is a personal one, there are several factors to consider to make the process smoother. We’ve put together some tips to help you navigate this challenging time.

Prioritise your physical and emotional well-being.

Recovering from childbirth, both physically and emotionally, takes time. Listen to your body and communicate with your employer if you feel that you need more time to heal. Remember, your health should always come first. You will find some simple tips for creating “me-time” here.

Review your finances. 

Financial considerations are also important when deciding when to return to work. If finances are a concern, weigh the benefits of staying at home versus the financial burden of not working. Speak to your employer about the options available to you for flexible working as this can alleviate some financial stress and give you more time at home with your little one. 

Think about your work environment. 

Assess the support you will receive from your employer, and find out if there are resources available to help you balance work and home responsibilities. Having a supportive work environment will make all the difference. 

Consider the age of your baby.

Babies require a lot of care, and you may feel more comfortable staying at home until your baby is slightly older and more independent. However, if your baby is already in childcare, you may feel more comfortable returning to work sooner. Please remember there is no right or wrong decision it is up to you as a parent and what you feel comfortable with. 

Prepare yourself. 

Try and find a reliable childcare provider, discuss flexible work arrangements with your employer, and if you can arrange for family members to help with caregiving duties. Try to be realistic about your expectations and set boundaries for yourself and your family so that everyone feels comfortable. 

With proper preparation and support, returning from maternity leave can be a smooth transition so you and your family. 

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