By Emma Thomas

During the Christmas and New Year celebrations you might end up with some unexpected home days. If the weather is very hot or raining it can be hard to keep everyone happy so here are a few ideas for things to do at home. 

Duplo Challenge

Pick a challenge and either work together or make it a race. Maybe you have to build the highest building or the longest train. Or for something a bit more creative, try creating a scene of your favourite day!

Indoor Picnic

Food is more fun when eaten together and in a special location! We love to have a picnic on the lounge room floor when we need to mix the day up a bit. 

Masking Tape

Masking tape is a great resource and there are some many things you can do with it! Make a line for your children to balance on. Make roads for toy cars. Tape toys to the glass door for your children to rescue! Or just give them the roll of tape and see what they do. 


Balloons are your friend on home days. You can play keepy uppy, balloon tennis or balloon volleyball. You can blow up balloons then let them fly around the house. You can even decorate balloons and make balloon people!

YouTube Classes

There are many amazing resources on YouTube including dance class, yoga classes and exercise classes! Get your kids involved and burn off some extra energy. 

Accept Boredom

In our fast paced world it is hard to be bored! However this is an opportunity that we can offer our children. When we are bored our minds have time to wander and come up with new and interesting ideas. 

Keeping a regular routine is tricky over the summer holiday period. But identify what moments are most helpful for your child and try to stick to these. Maybe it’s story time together before bed, or going for a walk in the afternoon. Having these regular routines and moments of connection supports our children during busy seasons.